The best software I’ve found to run a remote desktop server on Linux VPS is xrdp. However, the default version shipped by Debian/Ubuntu is outdated and has disadvantages like not being able to use clipboard and inconvenience managing sessions. Also, using VNC as the backend is very inefficient. X11rdp is a way better choice.

Installation of xrdp and X11rdp

Installation of the latest version of xrdp and X11rdp can be very time-consuming without X11RDP-o-Matic. X11RDP-o-Matic is able to compile and install xrdp and X11rdp automatically.
Or you can use the deb file compiled by me.

dpkg -i xrdp_0.9.0+master-1_amd64.deb
dpkg -i x11rdp_0.9.0+master-1_amd64.deb

Installation of desktop environment

I recommend using xfce or MATE on a VPS.
Just run

apt-get install xfce4


apt-get install mate

to install the desktop environment.

Connect to the remote desktop

xrdp uses RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol). You can use the built-in software on Windows and Microsoft Remote Desktop on OS X.

Best Way to Set Up Remote Desktop on Debian/Ubuntu VPS.

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